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Viveo makes healthcare a breeze,
so you can focus on feeling better

Speak to a doctor within minutes, 7 days a week
With immediate video access to a Viveo doctor, your questions are quickly answered.
Quick appointments to the top private and public clinics
Less time spent waiting around for an appointment while symptoms only get worse.
All payments and paperwork handled by Viveo
Forget the stress of paying out of pocket for private clinics or dealing with paperwork – Viveo takes care of it all.
Receive medical advice,
e-prescriptions or
Viveo takes care of you every step of the way, making sure you are back to your healthy self.

Viveo Network includes a medical staff of over 5,000 professionals

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Experience the best healthcare possible through
6 simple steps
If you feel like the normal healthcare process is too long and difficult – we agree with you! This is why we have summed up everything into these 6 easy-to-follow steps:

Signup for a Viveo
Health plan


Contact us when you
feel ill


Doctor diagnoses you and decides on the next steps


If you need to see a doctor we will arrange a visit within 2 days


Go to the appointment for further evaluation


Immediate treatment and you are back to feeling 100%

For Individuals
No longer are you diagnosing your own symptoms, searching for available doctor appointments and spending hours in waiting rooms. Viveo Health’s medical professionals take care of everything while you focus on getting better - all in the comfort of your own home.
For Companies
By putting the healthcare process in the hands of Viveo Health, we guarantee that you and your employees receive end-to-end professional care while your company experiences a 30% drop in sick days, increased productivity and a higher morale from healthy employees.

Don’t just take our
for it

Next level help

Viveo doctors were really wonderful in answering my questions quickly over the phone and I was even able to see a Viveo doctor and medical nurse over a video call. The real difference with Viveo is how easy and fast they make healthcare. Getting to doctors can often be confusing and stressful with waiting times up to 2 months! Viveo is able to get me to lab tests or a doctor within 2 days!

Sirle Maurits
Real estate agent / Viveo member
Ready to get your health fully covered?
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