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5 Valuable Tips to Start Your Year

Laura Vain Medical team lead

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In the hopes of beginning 2021 on the right foot, it’s good to think back and reflect on the past year as well as think ahead and plan the upcoming one.
Below are 5 tips on how to organize a successful new year.


1. Set goals

Setting goals is an important part of planning the year ahead – this helps to achieve your dreams and important milestones in life more efficiently. Goals can be set in any field of life: family, health, financial and material wellbeing, career. When setting goals, it is important to assure that the goal is: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely.

2. Create new habits

“New year, new winds” – within one year it is possible to become skilled at many kinds of new hobbies or habits! On average, it takes about 2 months for a new habit to set in. Doing so, it is good to follow three principles in order to get used to the new habit: remind (action or situation, which triggers the habitual activity), routine (executing the actual habitual activity), reward (the benefit from doing the habitual activity).

3. Slow down

In common days a lof of us – if not most – have the custom to rush around from one task to another, more often than not. The past year allowed us to take time off to some extent, but in a lot of cases it was difficult to adjust to the new regime. We recommend to make “time-outs” a routine part of each day and use meditation/mindfulness practices in order to do so – quite soon you discover a difference in your sense of time and stress!

4. Get in touch with nature

It is important for people to spend time in nature – distancing from nature causes great concerns for people’s mental health. Even only 2 hours a week in nature is a sufficient amount in order to feel better! Therefore we recommend to move around in nature at least 1-2 times a week – in a park close to home, at the sea or lake side, in the bog or other beautiful places Estonia has to offer.

5. Stay healthy

Recently there have been a lot of changes in the world in regards to the global pandemic of Covid-19, our health behaviour has changed along with the situation. We advise you to keep your physical and mental health – in case of health concerns, get advice from a specialist, who can help you immediately, preferably through distance medicine – Viveo can help you with that!


We are available for you 7 days a week. Viveo offers users medical support via telemedicine, helping with your health concerns also on weekends, including prescription renewals as well as specialist doctor care. Contact us to find out more!

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