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Our Medical Team is here for all your health concerns

The experienced doctors and nurses at Viveo provide both professional and rapid medical care.

How does Viveo's Medical Team improve your healthcare journey?
There’s rarely a harder time to manage schedules, paperwork and travel than when you are already feeling unwell. Luckily, our Medical Team simplifies the healthcare process for you.

Resolves over 60% of inquiries through a digital consultation

Offer medical care in Estonian, English or Russian (available 8hrs/day & 7 days/week).

Provide doctor communication through video, call or chat.

Schedule lab tests or book specialist appointments.

Private and convenient access to a network of over 5,000 medical professionals.

Referrals to the top medical specialists available.

Our team handles all the paperwork for you

We go above and beyond to show our patients that they’re our #1 concern

In addition to our daily availability, our quick response time give you answer to your concerns in minutes rather than days or hours because we understand how important your time is.


Viveo will take the time to match you up with the right doctor.

Finding the right specialist can be a frustrating ordeal and is only multiplied when you’re already sick. This is why at Viveo, we take it upon ourselves to match you with the right doctor quickly.

Meet the team

Laura Vain

Head of medical team

Maria Buglevski

General practitioner

Brigitta Sarmaste


Kristiina Vaas


Kert Kalev

General practitioner

Siivi Nella Liikane

General practitioner

Silvia Koljal

General practitioner

Katrin Auser

Mental health nurse

Ready to experience the future of healthcare? Begin your journey towards convenient treatment today.